Online Business Coaching Program For Small Business Owners

A powerful, practical toolkit to get your business up, running & turning a profit!


I know your secret! I know you have a business idea that has been brewing for a while now! Maybe you've taken the first steps to get it up and running, or maybe something is holding you back, but the ache is there. I get you, cause I was you!

I've spent years, and thousands of dollars on learning, research and doing the work to figure out how to start a side hustle or a small business. I finally left my corporate job after 13 years, and started my own business that is now thriving and has surpassed my corporate income.

As I speak to more and more women like you, I realize that my business starter kit that I keep coaching my clients on is based on a solid formula. And now, more than ever before, I know how little time we really have! So, I want to share that formula with you in my new "BACK TO BUSINESS" online group coaching program. 

This online group coaching program is an empowering and practical guide designed to give you the precise steps, practical resources and productive mindset to get your business up and running in the most organized, strategic and optimal way! Get serious about turning your focus back onto your business and join this powerful group to set your business, mindset and lifestyle up for success!  


This transformational online coaching program is comprised of six pre-recorded video lessons that you will receive in your inbox, as well as a customized workbook to use for note-taking, and also where all the exercises will be documented and explained. You also get a 1 hour private business coaching session, to work through any limiting beliefs, road blocks or strategy planning you would like to do with me within 60 days of you purchasing the program.

The whole course is structured to simplify the processes and concepts that seem potentially scary, boring or unachievable, and provide you with a concise, step-by-step plan you can follow to launch your business and take it forward in a strategic way.

I sincerely hope you will consider giving yourself and your unique business the boost of expertise, focus and strategic planning that it so deserves - so you can work smarter, not harder! Liat x

Here's what's in the course...

LESSON ONE: Unstoppable Mindset & Success Practices

Unblock any limiting beliefs, let go of fear, and gain clarity once and for all - with a curated list of powerful exercises to enable a powerful and limitless success mindset. 

LESSON TWO: Business Basics

Lay a strong foundation of your business by clearly defining the Who, What, Why and How - and crystalize a powerful mission statement. Get clarity on what your offerings are, and build your business ascension model as a strong base on which to grow.

LESSON THREE: It's All In The Numbers

Set specific and measurable financial goals, and define the pricing of your products/services by customizing a simple excel spreadsheet that houses all the budgeting, estimates and actuals you need to run your business. 

LESSON FOUR: Marketing & Branding Essentials 

Delve into the basic essentials behind creating a personal brand that stands out! Starting with your business name, tag line, logo, brand colors and more - learn how to craft the ideal messaging for your business and structure a long-lasting marketing plan. 

LESSON FIVE: Social Media 101 

It's where you need to be - but which platform should you start with? And what kind of content should you create? Learn and create your ideal social media strategy for launch, growth and beyond.

LESSON SIX: The Dreaded Business Plan

Consolidate all the elements you've worked on, defined and created - into a solid, concise and attractive business plan that will house your long-term profitable growth strategy for life.


* Six Recorded Video Lessons

* Workbook With Exercises and Prompts

* One Hour Private Coaching Session


(Payment Plans available)


After 13 years in the corporate world, I knew I was made for more. I left the salary, benefits and security for the unknown, and I've never looked back.

As the co-founder of Momjo, and now running my own coaching practice, I have surpassed my corporate income. And, I found my passion in coaching other women on starting and running their own businesses, and living their lives on purpose!

I'm on a mission to help all moms live their lives with clarity and intention so that each day, week, month and year they are getting closer to the incredible women they were destined to be!  

We only live one life. And now with raising kids during the Covid-19 pandemic, its even more crucial we give our businesses the focus and attention they deserve!

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