Minx Your Morning 

All the successful people I admire and look up to all say the same thing: master your morning, master your life! For the past two years, I have been working on changing my morning routine. Honestly, it's been a struggle as I am an not a morning person! I am a snooze-until-the-last-possible-second person. But after waking up every morning with not a minute to myself, constantly rushing, feeling stressed and projecting it onto my kids, I realized something's gotta give. I am on a mission to help all moms tailor-make their morning schedules to suit them, their needs, and their to-do lists even before the kids wake up! If I can do it, trust me - ANYONE can do it! The key is in customizing your morning to suit YOU. And I can help you do that with my "Minx Your Morning" Masterclass. You won't wanna miss this...


Pinpoint Your Passion & Purpose

"Find your passon" they say. "Start with your why" they say. 

In theory, I agree. But practically, what does that mean? How do you find your passion? What is your purpose? If you know my passion and purpose, WHAT do you do with it?

I have been questioning these things for years, and over the past three years, I am proud to say I have found my passions, and in turn my purpose. 

Join me for a one hour masterclass, where I will share my story and practical guidelines for what I've done to pinpoint my passions and start a business out of my purpose. It's been a process, one I wish I had learned the tips and tools to achieving many years ago. So don't waste another minute, join me to start your process TODAY!


"Incredible class this morning! You had so many great insights and suggestions. Iā€™m working on my updated morning schedule right now!"  

Marla K. 

"Liat's Minx Your Morning Masterclass was great and super helpful! It exceeded my expectations and was extremely motivating. Also, it was just the right amount of time and interaction with the group"  

Frannie B.