Minx Money Club

This is an exclusive Business Coaching & Expansion Program in which we will focus on significant business revenue growth AND infinitely increasing your joy!

The select participants in this program are currently earning a minimum of $100k annually – together we will work on growing and scaling your business exponentially.

I am committed to take each and every one of you and your businesses to the next level – where working less, earning more, and reaching a level of unprecedented personal fulfilment are the ultimate goals.


  • 12 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions for accountability and troubleshooting
  • 2 x 90 minute 1:1 in-person business strategy sessions
  • 6 x Monthly group Mastermind sessions covering business growth topics and round-table discussions
  • Unlimited voice notes and email communication between sessions
  • 15% off all 2023 local retreats & workshops
  • Exclusive event for the MMC members
  • 60-minute workshop with you and/or your team based on your needs and input
  • Curated reading & listening list
  • Massive action & accountability guaranteed


  • Define your big money vision
  • Dream up unlimited possibilities
  • Gain clarity on your big personal & professional goals
  • Review your current vs. ideal home & business budgets
  • Brainstorm & navigate through personal and professional challenges
  • Network with inspirational & like-minded people
  • Tackle limiting beliefs & break any barriers that are potentially holding you back
  • Build the self-confidence to own & truly embrace the CEO & Millionaire-in-the-making titles
  • Define clear strategies to achieve everything you wish for yourself
  • Accountability to ensure you stay focused & on track
  • Become a more effective leader for your growing teams
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals giving your renewed energy & reduced stress
  • Master your emotions & mindset
  • Improve the relationships with colleagues & loved ones


If you are interested in the dates, pricing and options for this container, schedule a clarity call with me and let's discuss!

I am in this for the long haul. Committed to getting results.

Let's make millions together, collectively.

Starting now. Are you in?


"Working with Liat and a small group of amazing women was a great way to stay on track of my personal and business goals. I found it super motivating and empowering. This was a one of a kind experience that everyone needs!"

Alana M.