Minx Money Club

Welcome to my exclusive Results Coaching & Expansion Program in which we will focus on significant personal AND professional growth, as well as infinitely increasing your joy!

This is an exclusive mastermind for driven, high achievers like YOU! To keep you on track, inspired, accountable, networking, growing and in community.

The MMC is the ideal hub in which you can catapult the results and revenue of your business, enhance your personal development journey, transform your career goals, get a strong grip on your wellness goals, and so much more! All while connecting with other amazing women and staying closely connected with Liat over the course of the coming months.

I am committed to take each and every one of you and your desired results to the next level – where working less, earning more, and reaching a level of unprecedented personal fulfilment are the ultimate goals.


A transformative six month experience of immersive masterminding, coaching, accountability, like-minded peer learning and sharing of resources, also including:

  • Bi-monthly group coaching sessions, including hot seat coaching (every two weeks)
  • Monthly 30 minute 1:1 power coaching sessions for accountability and troubleshooting
  • Supportive, dedicated What's App group for all members
  • Unlimited voice notes and email communication between sessions
  • 15% off all local retreats & workshops
  • Exclusive event for the MMC members
  • Curated reading & listening list
  • Massive action & accountability guaranteed
  • Networking, support and motivation from other like-minded women


  • Define your big personal and professional vision
  • Dream up unlimited possibilities
  • Gain clarity on your big personal & professional goals
  • Review your current vs. ideal personal and professional budgets
  • Brainstorm & navigate through personal and professional challenges
  • Network with inspirational & like-minded people
  • Tackle limiting beliefs & break any barriers that are potentially holding you back
  • Build the self-confidence to own & truly embrace your best self
  • Define clear strategies to achieve everything you wish for yourself
  • Accountability to ensure you stay focused & on track
  • Become a more effective leader for the people around you
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals giving your renewed energy & reduced stress
  • Master your emotions & mindset
  • Improve the relationships with colleagues & loved ones


The way it works is simple - and it's your choice: 
1. Monthly payments of $500 CAD + HST via e-transfer / credit card for a minimum of 6 months.


2. One-time payment of $3000 CAD + HST via e-transfer / credit card, and get a *BONUS* of a dedicated 1:1 business strategy session (ideally in person), valued at $799 + HST. 

Show up and do the work.

Experience massive results in your business and life!


This Mastermind is by application only - we begin early October, 2023 with a minimum commitment of six months.

If you are interested in joining us in the next cohort, apply now!

I am in this for the long haul.

Committed to getting results.

Are you in?


"Working with Liat and a small group of amazing women was a great way to stay on track of my personal and business goals. I found it super motivating and empowering. This was a one of a kind experience that everyone needs!"

Alana M.