Online Coaching Course For Moms

Transform your experience of Motherhood from just surviving to thriving.

Hi Mama, if you've somehow found yourself reading this - welcome!

If you are like a lot of other moms I know, I'm sure you're juggling a million responsibilities and feel like you've lost yourself somewhat along the way - I hear you. Three kids, immigration, leaving the corporate world, and running two businesses later, I get it! And I'm here to help you navigate your way through the chaos, and devote some much-needed time and attention to YOURSELF. 

My "Survive To Thrive" online group coaching program is an empowering guide to design and implement your ideal mom life experience. Fill your cup with the tools and motivation you need to step into the best version of yourself - at home, work, and out in the world.

This transformational online coaching course is a six week program. Each Monday, you will receive your lesson in video format, so you can watch when/where you like, followed by a LIVE virtual group coaching sessions towards the end of that same week, to delve deeper into the topics covered in the video modules. And the added bonus - you get a 1 hour private coaching session as well!

I sincerely hope you will consider giving yourself this gift - of the time, space, energy and focus you so deserve, Liat x


Here's what's in the course...

LESSON ONE: Me, Myself & I 

Give yourself the permission to discover who you are today, where you want to be in the future, and embarking on the journey to get there.

LESSON TWO: Start Strong & End Empowered - Every Morning & Night

Design your ideal morning and night time routines with life-changing practices that set you up for ultimate success  

LESSON THREE: Let's Get Physical - Health & Wellness

Focus on the most important thing in your life - your wellbeing! Learn some easy strategies and practices to implement for ultimate mental and physical health an longevity. 

LESSON FOUR: Career, Side Hustles and All That Jazz 

Break down the wall to having a positive and powerful money mindset AND crystalize your current career goals - from climbing the corporate ladder to thriving in your own business, to minxing a side hustle and everything in between! 

LESSON FIVE: Relationships - Self, Loved Ones and the World 

Delve into the most important relationships in your life and learn what makes them have long-lasting health! 

LESSON SIX: Planning and Productivity

Get a handle on your priorities, schedule and routine with practical tips and tools to maximise your productivity - as a mom, at work and in life. 


* Six Recorded Video Lessons

* Six LIVE Coaching Sessions

* One Hour Private Coaching Session

Since this course is brand new, I am opening up a limited number of spots, at a discouned rate! 

CURRENT PRICE (for this course session only): $199 


Finding my purpose in life has been a never-ending challenge for me. So, I've taken my biggest challenge and turned it into my passion...

I'm on a mission to help all moms live their lives with clarity and intention so that each day, week, month and year they are getting closer to the incredible mamas they were destined to be!  

We only live one life. And now with raising children, its even more crucial we live our lives ON PURPOSE.

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