It's been a long and crazy season since Covid-19 took over every minute of our lives.

This online group coaching program is an empowering guide designed to rejuvenate your energy, replenish your resources and revive your personal goals and plans for YOU! Fill your cup with the practical tools, support and motivation you need to step back into the best version of yourself - at home, work, and out in the world.

This online group coaching program is an empowering and practical guide designed to give you the precise steps, practical resources and productive mindset to get your business up and running in the most organized, strategic and optimal way!

Get serious about turning your focus back onto your business and join this powerful group to set your business, mindset and lifestyle up for success!  


"Liat's Back to Business Course was a welcome breath of fresh air into my business mind-set. Not only did the course help me take a much needed look at what was working for my business and what was not, but gave me the confidence and know-how to create achievable goals and a step-by-step process to attaining them. I also had the opportunity to meet some inspiring like-minded business owners, which was a total bonus!"

"A switch got turned on through the process of Back To Me. I had really lost a sense of myself, especially during this pandemic and I did not see how I was going to make the changes to get out of this slump. The motivation I discovered and having a group to lean into for support when I needed a boost or to be held accountable has been priceless! I am 100% going to be recommending this program to others. It's been a huge game changer for me."

"Liats' Back to Business Group Coaching is a must for any entrepreneur getting started or at the early stages of their business. Meeting like-minded people each week and being able to share your ideas is amazing. We become each other’s cheerleaders in the process. Liat's dynamic personality and the way she delivers each weeks lesson is easy to follow and is the perfect fuel to get you moving forward in your business."

Brittany J.

Kristin W.

Nancy D.