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I worked in Marketing & Communications industry for over thirteen years at hi-tech corporations around the world. Climbing up the corporate ladder was rewarding in so many ways, but as time passed, I knew deep down that it was not my passion. I loved the people, the challenge, and the security, yet I knew that I wasn't being true to myself.

Even though it was truly one of the most challenging decisions I've ever made - my next steps were simple:

- I finally left the corporate world in February 2018
- I followed my heart and intuition, and started a coaching practice in 2019, currently offering personal & group coaching, masterminds, executive coaching and retreats.

I help driven, high-performing people define and achieve their ultimate results, enabling them to live their lives on purpose. Join us!

More About Liat

"Liat is so easy to connect with. She's approachable and fun, while also being so passionate about helping others to live their best life. Her positive attitude and excitement for what she does is so infectious!"

Jennifer K.